Professional Construction Services

what we do

General Contracting & Construction Management

Services also include consultation on: design management, cost control, scheduling, project control and administration.

JMI Provides comprehensive general contracting services for the construction of all types of multi-family products including Market Rate Housing, Affordable Housing, Senior Living, Student Housing, Hospitality and For Sale High Density Housing.

JMI’s hands-on construction experience allows us to provide high level Construction Managements services. We can provide both standard Construction Management or CMAR.

JMI’s dedicated pre-construction division provides all levels of pre-construction services including cost estimating, design consulting, value management, constructability reviews, design-build management, design development management and cost benefit analysis.

Over 90% of our work is negotiated. We believe in a mutually beneficial and transparent process in generating the project cost. Our typical process for cost generation will include a thorough penetration into the market for bids. Once the bids are submitted to us, we will input them into a detailed bid scope/spread document which we will share with the owner. We will have meetings with all of the competent bidders to qualify and clarify their bids. Once the bids have been vetted, we will make a recommendation to the owner with back-up for each trade. Subcontracts may be written prior to the contract being executed. Once the contract is executed, we will execute the subcontracts right away which will minimize cost exposure.

Negotiate Bid Price